• “With Coldwater, Diana Gould has staked her claim as a writer on par with the L.A. greats. Think Chandler, MacDonald, and Ellroy. A classic Tinsel-land tour from glitz to gutter—narrated by a woman on her own trip to narcotic hell, in a voice you'd follow anywhere. For fans of noir, fans of fearless, unflinching fiction, and fans of literature, this is the kind of book you'll read till your eyes bleed, then stagger into daylight in sheer, brain-fucking wonder.”
    Jerry Stahl, author of Permanent Midnight,
    Bad Sex On Speed, and Happy Mutant Baby Pills
  • “A thoroughly satisfying contemporary noir that fronts a deliciously subversive view of Hollywood. Brett Tanager is a totally original ‘detective’—tough, flawed, complex and witty, who takes on the world—and herself—with unflinching honesty and intelligence.”
    Jonathan Kaplan, director of In Cold Blood,
    The Accused, Unlawful Entry
  • “Unreeling in the intersection of cops and show business, Coldwater is not only a gripping murder mystery that exposes the lurid sex lives of Hollywood’s elite, but also a harrowing tale of addiction and redemption.”
    Steven Bochco, producer of Hill St. Blues,
    NYPD Blue, Murder One