My favorite blurb so far…

“Diana Gold’s debut novel is so entertaining you won’t even realize she is leading you through the dark side of Hollywood towards truth and light” — Parabola Magazine.

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A blurb from Bochco

“Unreeling in the intersection of cops and show business, COLDWATER is not just a gripping murder mystery that exposes the lurid sex lives of Hollywood’s power elite, but a harrowing journey into the nightmare of drug and alcohol addiction, and a moving tale of personal redemption. Great job. I read it in one sitting.”

Steven Bochco, Edgar, Emmy, Humanitas award winning writer-producer of Hill Street Blues, LA Law, NYPD Blue, Murder One

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Just got my first blurb!

“COLDWATER is an extremely persuasive Hollywood thriller, an inflammatory and heartbreaking mix of money, fame, guilt, and hard-earned redemption.  A great debut novel by Diana Gould.”

Timothy Hallinan, Edgar and Macavity Award nominated author of THE FEAR ARTIST and CRASHED.

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